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Now that you've bought it, how do you get it home?

Just Done! Specialized Delivery is working hard to put the power of time and decision back into the hands of the customer. In today’s world of single-vehicle households and increasingly smaller vehicles, we understand the challenges that are encountered trying to get around every day, let alone dealing with moving challenging items to the various places they may need to be.

Our delivery focus is on appliances as well as oversized and specialty items that others may shy away from. We are not too proud to transport the smallest packages either. With cargo van, enclosed trailer, and 5-ton service options, Just Done! is equipped for most delivery needs and aims to fulfill delivery requests within a 48-hour window.

Just Done! has the experience and know-how to ensure that both the product as well as the delivery and the pickup locations remain in pristine condition. While moving any product into your home and working near specialty concrete and landscaping outside, along with custom flooring, cabinetry and paint inside, nobody wants unexpected surprises. All members of the Just Done! Specialized Delivery crew are trained in the use and implementation of the latest products and space protection techniques.

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Our mission at Just Done! is to provide a level of professionalism and service that not only meets, but even exceeds the expectations of both our customers and product manufacturers, all while striving to maintain a price that is fair for both us and our customers.

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